The Romanian Company Making Home Electronics More Accessible

Telerenta is now bringing parts of Central Europe the possibility to rent electronics (like smart TVs) instead of having to purchase them outright, making the dream of having the latest tech at your disposal a reality.

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Romanians like to show off, and that’s a fact. It’s not our fault, though; it’s what 40 years under communism do to you. Anyway, the problem is you can’t show off what you don’t have. And what better way to prove to your long-distance friends and family that you’re doing well, other than by rocking the latest TV? You know, the one that takes up half the space of an entire wall in a two-bedroom apartment?

It may seem like a joke, but rest assured; it is not. Technology, especially the latest kind and especially in this constantly moving and evolving world, is sure to impress. But it sure is expensive as well. And not everyone can afford to keep up with it – although everyone wishes to.

A (smart) choice

This is where Telerenta comes into play, saving the day. With subscriptions starting at 10€/month, which, let’s be honest, is cheaper than some TV streaming services out there, you can rent a smart TV straight to your living room – or bedroom, even kitchen. And you can do it in under ten minutes on your phone.

The rental of electronic goods and equipment is nothing new for the West, but it sure is for South-Eastern Europe. Telerenta has opened the region’s first-ever fully automatic electronics rental platform for home users. But if you love the idea and wish your company could benefit from it too, worry not! Telerenta is planning to extend its services to businesses soon. All it takes for you to experience the modern and up-to-date life you always wished to flaunt is a click, a photo, some more clicks, and, before you know it, your Ultra HD 4K 125 cm Smart TV is on its way to your home.

Telerenta also gives members the opportunity to upgrade to a higher subscription (aka fancier equipment) at any time. And if you have a cat around and it knocks it over, or if you get too nervous setting up a TV half your height and drop it, don’t worry – the company will cover 80% of the costs. Needless to say, if the product is faulty, you won’t have to pay a buck. Telerenta has it all covered so that you can enjoy the latest trends in technology with no worry.

No swindle involved

We know what you’re thinking – it sounds a little too good. But you don’t have to get all Sherlock here; there is no swindle involved. It is all possible thanks to a circular economy, a sustainability concept that helps you, our planet, and the economy to get better, not bitter, with time.

Telerenta offers over 60 TV displays from some of the giants of the industry – Samsung, LG, and Sony, to name a few. TVs are all you can rent for the moment (and don’t worry, there are a bunch for you to choose from), but soon enough, you’ll be able to find laptops, and audio systems, among other things, so you can give your entire home a make-over and be the envy of the entire city.

Naomi Gherman

Master student in Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations at Babeș-Bolyai University, eager to share more about our world's most fascinating stories and people. Romania-based reader, writer and content creator with a strong interest in journalism, foreign languages and politics.

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