The Common Future of the Car Industry and Romanian-Polish Trade

A vital part of Romanian-Polish trade depends on the automotive industry. Consequently, the automotive industry's evolution and how the two countries adapt to industry transformation will significantly influence the future trade structure of goods between the two countries.

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The automotive sector is one of the most important areas when it comes to trade between Poland and Romania. Photo: Jeson / stock.adobe.com

The automotive sector is one of the economic sectors set to undergo the most significant transformation in the next period. It is certain that, in the long run, the future of the internal combustion engine does not likely exist, and the transition to electric motors is inevitable. For an economy like Romania’s, in which the automotive sector accounts for 14%, this will pose a considerable challenge given the scale of exports reliant on the industry.

Romanian-Polish trade: a car dependent business

This is also related to the trade with Poland, the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Data from the National Institute of Statistics in Romania (Institutul Național de Statistică – INS) shows that trade in goods between Romania and Poland amounted to EUR 9 bln in 2021, with the most important products traded between countries related to the automotive industry.

In the long run, the future of the internal combustion engine does not likely exist, and the transition to electric motors is inevitable

For example, of Romania’s exports to Poland, totaling almost EUR 3 bln, cars, vehicle parts and accessories, and other vehicles amounted to nearly EUR 500 mln or 17% of the total exports.

The discussion about the future of economic relations between Romania and Poland is about the automotive industry’s transformation and what the CEE countries will do to persuade investors to choose them to build production facilities.

Cars are essential

In the case of Romania, it is, first of all, about transport infrastructure. Investors want to have a quick connection to Western Europe, which is the primary market for Romanian products. Given the importance of the automotive sector for Romania’s industry and economy, adapting to the new reality of automobile production is crucial for the country’s economic development and for the future of international trade in goods.

In conclusion, for both Romania and Poland, the automotive sector is essential to future economic growth, and both countries need to position themselves wisely to continue and improve trade relations.

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