Romania’s 1.4 Billion Euro RePowerEu Initiative Emphasizes Photovoltaics 

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu announces Romania's RePowerEu plan, channeling 1.4 billion euros towards photovoltaics and home energy efficiency, aiming to benefit over 60,000 households.


Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has announced that Romania is set to propose a “RePowerEu” project to the European Commission, valued at 1.4 billion euros, with a strong focus on photovoltaics. Through this initiative, 1.1 billion euros will be dedicated to the acquisition of photovoltaic panels and the improvement of household energy efficiency. Further breaking down the expenditure, Ciolacu revealed on his Facebook that more than 600 million euros will finance the purchase of solar panels and energy storage batteries. These measures are projected to benefit around 60,000 households, with each being eligible for grants that total up to 10,000 euros. Alongside, 500 million euros is planned to be allocated for the enhancement of homes to cut back on energy consumption, aiming to reduce utility costs by up to 30%. Notably, a significant portion of this investment targets the disadvantaged and those residing in rural areas. 

Source: adevarul.ro

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