Romgaz Reignites Construction of Strategic Iernut Thermal Power Plant 

The re-launch of the pivotal thermal power plant construction in Iernut has been announced. The 430 MW capacity project is set to be completed in 16 months.


Romania’s Romgaz has announced the commencement of construction on a new thermal power plant in Iernut, entrusted to Duro Felguera SA. The Spanish company will develop a thermoelectric plant boasting a combined cycle of gas turbines. Works on this important project, with a deadline of 16 months from August 1, 2023, will yield a plant with a significant capacity of 430 MW. This strategic investment is crucial for both Romgaz and the Romanian national power system, with the plant’s central position enhancing the nation’s electricity supply and resolving grid issues in the northwest. Despite a previously failed attempt with a joint venture of Duro Felguera and Romelectro, which was terminated in June 2021 due to delays, Romgaz is confident in the project’s success. Before termination, the project was roughly 90% planned and about 65-70% executed. Now, with renewed vigor, the project is set to take off. 

Source: adevarul.ro

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