Slovakia Allocates €2 Billion for Decarbonization by 2030

Slovakia earmarks nearly €2 billion from the Modernization Fund for decarbonization by 2030, targeting both the heating and industry sectors.


By 2030, Slovakia has earmarked almost two billion euros from the Modernization Fund for decarbonization initiatives, dividing it between heating and industry. The Ministry of the Environment, partnering with the Ministry of Economy, is actively collecting data on upcoming decarbonization investments in these sectors. They are calling on businesses to disclose investments above one million euros by August 21. Projects identified through this effort could either benefit from state aid schemes or be incorporated into the Modernization Fund’s future investment plans. Emphasizing the importance of this move, the ministry notes that the industry and heating sectors are responsible for about 70% of Slovakia’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, successful interventions in these areas can substantially reduce the nation’s environmental impact, marking a transformative step in the country’s commitment to sustainability. 

Source: index.sme.sk 

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