Slovenia is Close to ESA Full Membership Status

With the successful launch of three satellites and another one on the horizon Slovenia’s contribution to ESA is significant.


Progressing towards full membership in the European Space Agency (ESA), Slovenia has received positive feedback from an ESA delegation regarding the strides it has taken since attaining associate membership status in 2016. A unanimous decision from all ESA members in the upcoming December 2024 vote is required for Slovenia to achieve full membership. Despite its geographical size and modest investments, Slovenia has been recognized by the ESA, particularly by Geraldine Naja, for its notable contributions to space technology. Its partnership with Synergise and other organizations has enabled it to excel in test equipment and bolster its capabilities in satellite technology. Additionally, Slovenia is putting together a comprehensive space strategy, aiming for long-term investment in the field. Once fully adopted, this strategy is expected to propel the Slovenian space sector forward till 2030. ESA full membership is predicted to broaden collaboration opportunities, especially within the framework of the ESA’s Mandatory Scientific Programme. Despite an increased fiscal obligation towards the ESA, Slovenia views this as a strategic investment into a prosperous future. Indeed, Slovenian companies’ contracts and acquired funds have already surpassed their nation’s contributions to the ESA. With the successful launch of three satellites, another one on the horizon, and increased bilateral space collaborations, Slovenia’s space sector is set for significant expansion. 

Source: sloveniatimes.com

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