Slovenia Tackles €5B Flood Damage: Recovery Roadmap 

Facing €5 billion in flood damages, Slovenia charts a recovery roadmap, leveraging funds from a €3 billion reconstruction pool, and potential contributions from the EU's €400 million Solidarity Fund.


In August, Slovenia experienced severe flooding, leading to damages of €5 billion or 8% of its GDP. Responding, the government announced a second support bill on 24th August, emphasizing the harm from torrential streams and landslides. 

To finance the recovery, the Slovenia Reconstruction Fund will consolidate resources from the national budget, EU, and public contributions. Following EU guidelines, this fund will oversee an estimated €3 billion, with potential contributions of €400 million from the EU’s Solidarity Fund and considerations to use €2.7 billion from Next Generation EU loans. 

The recent bill outlines support for affected families, rent aid, and care home spaces for elderly victims. Businesses receive various aids, while incentives are in place for the unemployed to assist in rebuilding efforts. The government’s strategy not only addresses immediate concerns but also aims for resilient infrastructure against future threats, emphasizing a modern approach considering climate change effects. 

Source: sloveniatimes.com

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