Tinmar Group Commits €150M to Expand Renewable Energy Capacity in Romania 

A step that signifies a stride towards a sustainable economy, and presents growth opportunities.


Tinmar Group, a company with a strong focus on renewable energy since 2011, is set to inject an additional €150 million over the next three years to further its contributions to the green energy sector. This follows their prior investment of over €50 million, which successfully doubled their photovoltaic park’s installed power to over 105Mwp. A major part of the upcoming investment is earmarked for a collaborative venture with the CEO. The partnership aims to initiate the operation of four solar energy plants and a gas power plant by 2027. These plants, which have already been signed off as of July 17, 2023, will benefit from the financial support of the Modernization Fund. 

 In addition, the company plans to acquire operational parks, marking the second facet of their investment plan. Lastly, they aim to start constructing new solar parks, incorporating storage batteries in the design. 

 Carla Corb, the Marketing & Corporate Communication Director at Tinmar Energy, revealed the company’s medium-term goal of surpassing 1 GWP in their owned or managed power generation capacity. This hefty investment by Tinmar Group sets Romania on a path towards more sustainable economic growth and development. 

Source: thediplomat.ro

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