Continuously Authentic: Global Phenomenon TypingDNA

In just three years, Romanian cyber-security start-up TypingDNA took over the world and was listed by FinTechGlobal in their CyberTech100 ranking - twice. Who are they, what do they do, and how do they do it?

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Romanian start-up TypingDNA's authentication software, which uses biometrics to analyze typing patterns to verify a user's identity, has taken the world by storm. Photo: courtesy of TypingDNA

Internationally acclaimed start-up TypingDNA was started in the small town of Oradea, Romania, in 2016. The software uses biometrics to analyze typing patterns to verify a user’s identity. The collected data is then used in cyber-security to fight fraud attempts and secure authentication. By observing how fast and for how long users press keys, the software can confirm the identity of a user or, in the case of fraud, instantly lock a device.

The start-up’s potential was recognized right off the bat. In 2017 they were selected among the “Top 50 Innovative European Start-Ups.” One year later, they joined the Techstars Accelerator in New York. That same year they launched a Chrome extension, TypingDNA Authenticator, that verifies a user’s identity based on typing. The product provides an alternative to the two-factor authentication method and was awarded “Product of the Day” on ProductHunt. This is when the company really took off. Less than one year later, it had managed to secure an investment of USD 1.5 mln and expand globally.

And this was just the beginning. This investment also brought partnerships with anti-fraud and cyber-security companies, acknowledgments from the European Banking Authority, and IOS/Android expansions. Then, in 2020, exactly one year after this significant investment, TypingDNA secured a USD 7 mln Series A round investment led by Google’s Artificial Intelligence venture fund, Gradient VC. Further on, the company continued to advance, being recognized by prestigious portals such as FinTechGlobal, receiving international awards, and delivering its services to multinational corporations such as Microsoft.

Upward trajectory

TypingDNA enhanced the user experience and anti-fraud markets in just six years with four innovative products. Typing Biometrics Authentication API is one of these, which prevents fraudulent users from gaining access to a device and ensures seamless authentication. Verify 2FA is their second product, allowing users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phones, as we all know how inconvenient and troublesome it can be. ActiveLock prevents the unauthorized use of company computers by means of continuous authentication. The software constantly analyses typing behaviors and instantly locks the device upon detecting an unauthorized pattern.

Most recently, TypingDNA came up with an experimental app called Focus that aims to track your mood and improve productivity based on typing patterns. In 2021, it was awarded “Best Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Product” by “Developer Week Europe.”

With so much success and so many accolades already for the six year-old company, there is no limit to the innovations in cyber-security that can soon expect from them.

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