UNTOLD Festival 2023: €70M Economic Impact on Cluj-Napoca

The 2023 UNTOLD Festival injects a staggering €70M into Cluj-Napoca's local economy, setting a new benchmark.


The UNTOLD festival contributed over €70 million to Cluj-Napoca’s economy, reflected in local taxes, fees, and income for businesses and property rentals. Data from festival organizers and commercial affiliates reveals that visitors from outside Cluj county averaged spending of at least €700 over the festival’s four days, predominantly on lodging, transportation, food, and shopping. Additionally, UNTOLD invested €1.8 million in prominent city venues like the Cluj Arena stadium. The 2023 edition of UNTOLD attracted over 420,000 attendees, including 250 artists. Of these attendees, 35% were from Cluj County, while international participation saw a 10% growth from previous years, with attendees from over 100 nations. The festival not only had a significant economic impact but also enhanced the global image of Cluj-Napoca, with world-renowned platforms like Billboard covering the event, emphasizing its escalating prominence each year. 

The Untold Festival, located at the Cluj Arena in Cluj-Napoca, stands as Romania’s premier electronic music event. Celebrated annually, it earned the title of ‘Best Major Festival’ at the European Festival Awards in 2015. Attendees hail from various parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Source: adevarul.ro 

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