Closer Cooperation of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy in Adriatic

Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy signed the Ancona Declaration, enhancing North Adriatic Sea cooperation for safety and growth.


On 10th July, the foreign ministers of Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy signed the Ancona Declaration in Italy, agreeing to enhance cooperation on managing and protecting the North Adriatic Sea, preventing migrant boat tragedies, and ensuring economic growth through port modernisation. With Slovenia’s migrant count tripling since Croatia’s induction into the Schengen Area in 2023, joint police patrols with Frontex were proposed to secure the border. The ministers agreed that migration should be addressed at the EU level, focusing on countries of origin, especially Africa. Italy proposed an investment plan for Africa’s progress, urging NATO to focus on the continent’s challenges despite the Ukraine war. The declaration also endorsed regular updates on the economic zone, improving competitiveness of ports, cooperation with Western Balkan countries, and supporting EU candidates. They also promoted the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley project and scheduled their next meeting in Slovenia next year. Other issues discussed included the war in Ukraine, Western Balkan situations, and EU border protection.

Source: sloveniatimes.com

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