Croatia’s DOK-ING in Ukraine: 15-20 Year Demining Timeline, 25 Machines by 2023 

Croatia's DOK-ING ramps up demining support in Ukraine with a projected delivery of 25 machines by 2023 amidst a prolonged conflict.


The Croatian company DOK-ING is pivotal in Ukraine’s demining efforts amid its conflict with Russia. Globally renowned for innovation, DOK-ING aids in neutralizing the alarming 10 million mines in Ukraine, with the cleanup potentially taking 15-20 years, reflecting Croatia’s own mine issues since 1998. DOK-ING’s equipment has been instrumental in restoring utilities in Ukrainian villages, even under war conditions. By 2023’s end, in partnership with A3MASH, they plan to provide 25 machines, and while not looking for acquisitions, they’re keen on strategic global ties, like with the European Defence Fund. Operations are largely donor-funded, with contributors like South Korea, Estonia, the European Commission, and the Croatian Government via UNDP. The pressing demining need is accentuated by incidents of civilians falling victim to mines, including a recent case where Russian forces targeted civilian deminers. Notably, DOK-ING machines have proved effective, especially in the Kherson region.   

Exploring collaborations in Croatia, DOK-ING is evaluating drone solutions for demining. Yet, drones face challenges, notably from terrain and vegetation, demanding low-altitude operation and clear grounds. 

Source: total-croatia-news.com 

Jakub Warzecha

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