€23 Million for Construction of Largest Sorting Centre in Croatia 

The new investment by DPD Croatia will serve both the Croatian and Slovenian markets.


DPD Croatia, a part of the global Geopost group, has embarked on the construction of a €23 million sorting centre, the largest in its kind, to cater to both Croatian and Slovenian markets. Dubbed the Adriatic Hub, it will be located in the Bistra business zone and will process packages for both countries simultaneously, using state-of-the-art sorting technology capable of handling 12,000 packages per hour. The facility, covering 37,500 square metres, is set to open in 2024, marking the largest infrastructure investment for DPD Croatia in its 20 years of operation. This project aims to strengthen the logistical and operational ties between Croatia and Slovenia and improve service quality, according to DPD CEO for Croatia and Slovenia, Igor Jakovljević. Besides, DPD Croatia is expanding its reach with a new distribution centre in Dugopolje near Split and upgrading the existing central distribution centre in Sesvete, near Zagreb. 

Source: total-croatia-news.com

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