Eccos of Zagreb Expands in Germany 

Zagreb's Eccos, with 25 years of expertise, penetrates the German market, spearheading a Frankfurt data center project after their acclaimed 80-facility European Commission contract.


Zagreb’s Eccos, with 25 years in electrical engineering and IT, is making a name in Germany, leading a significant data center project in Frankfurt. Their global reputation was solidified with a pivotal 2018 contract for the European Commission in Brussels. This success spurred their expansion into Germany and established them as trusted partners in the sector. By 2020, they founded Deccos, a German subsidiary, to further their reach and promote Croatian expertise in Western Europe. While they have numerous projects in Croatia, their focus is increasingly export-oriented. Currently, their Frankfurt initiative, with Deccos at the helm, is valued at one million euros for its initial phase. In Croatia, their projects span from infrastructure, like the Učka tunnel, to innovative solutions like the Eccos Smart City Platform for cities like Poreč. As they aim for a stronger foothold in Western Europe, Eccos faces talent acquisition challenges but remains dedicated to local hiring. 

Source: total-croatia-news.com 

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