Employment and Wages Rise in Polish Companies for July

Employment in Polish corporate firms rose by 0.1% in July year-on-year, with average wages surging by 10.4%.


Monday’s report from the state-run Statistics Poland (GUS) agency highlighted growth in employment and wages in Polish corporate firms. Employment levels in July rose by 0.1 percent year-on-year. Concurrently, wages in the corporate sector surged by 10.4 percent compared to July of the previous year, bringing the average gross monthly wage to PLN 7,485.12, or approximately EUR 1,670 or USD 1,820. These figures specifically represent companies with over nine employees, offering a snapshot of Poland’s larger corporate sector. 

Family and Social Policy Minister, Marlena Maląg, recently commented on the national unemployment rate, confirming its stability at 5 percent for July, mirroring June’s data. This indicates roughly 782,400 individuals unemployed by the end of July, but with a decrease of 1,200 from the previous month. 

Collectively, these stats reflect a positive trajectory for Poland’s economic landscape amidst global challenges, suggesting stability and gradual growth in its job market. 

Source: polskieradio.pl 

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