Back in Warsaw: The Future Leaders Conference 2022

The war in Ukraine caused by revived Russian imperialism requires us to remember the real meaning of the word freedom. The Three Seas Generation Freedom Conference will once again bring together recognized experts from around the world.

Dr. Solomon Passy
Dr. Solomon Passy giving a lecture at last year's GenFree Conference. Photo: courtesy of GenFree

The Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference targets young people born in the free societies of Central Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the downfall of communism. The event brings together the bright young minds from the region, who are our future leaders, and introduces them to journalists, diplomats, scholars, and politicians from the Three Seas region.

This year’s conference will be dedicated to the importance of winning and preserving freedom, with the title of the conference inspired by a quote from Pope John Paul II:

“Freedom is not given once and for all; it must be won time and time again with the help of truth.”

Pope John Paul II

For many young people brought up in democratic and freedom-enjoying societies, the current geopolitical situation can contribute to the discussion of freedom in a systemic sense, and the totalitarianism that threatens it. As we know, Central Europe has a rich history of aspiring to freedom, combined with a great deal of experience in successfully fighting against totalitarian regimes. Its voice on this issue can and should be an important part of the international discussion.

The Conference will feature TEDx-style lectures on freedom in its broadest sense – the freedom of nations of self-determination, economic freedom, and political freedom.

GenFree 2022: what to expect

Lectures at the GenFree conference in Warsaw, being held on 30 September 2022, will include:

Paweł Nierada (Poland) – “Is real freedom possible without economic freedom? The Three Seas case – Poland.”

Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky (USA) – “Russia’s war in Europe. How will it proceed? How will it end?”

Julian Röpcke (Germany) – “Freedom always has a price – but are we willing to pay it? Germany’s role in the Russian war in Ukraine observed.”

Anton Gerashchenko (Ukraine) – “Why has Russia already lost the war to Ukraine?”

Professor Nikolai Ivanov (Poland) – “Russkij Mir.”

The conference will also provide an opportunity to meet and talk with many other experts, such as Velina Tchakarova (Austria), Stanislaw Żaryn (Poland), Edward Lucas (UK), and Marko Mihkelson (Estonia).

Generation Freedom 2022: experts from far and near

A detailed program of The Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2022, organized by the State of Poland Foundation, is available at www.genfree.eu.

In 2021, The Three Seas Generation Freedom Conference brought together more than 150 participants, including politicians, diplomats, academic experts, and business representatives who are actively involved in the Three Seas – including Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, President of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Velina Tchakarova – Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy, Solomon Passy – former parliamentarian, 2001-2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Ian Brzezinski – former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy, and Edward Lucas – British journalist, European correspondent for “The Economist.”

The Conference was also attended by journalists from the countries of the Three Seas Initiative.

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