Hungary’s Push for 300k International Workers  

In response to an escalating labor demand, Hungary is set to roll out nearly half a million jobs, with a focus on hiring international workers.


Hungary aims to introduce nearly half a million jobs in the upcoming years, with businesses ready to employ around 300,000 international workers to meet the demand. This surge comes as 25 certified recruitment agencies gear up to expedite the hiring of foreign labor from nations like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan. Despite a focus on skilled labor, the service sector, including cleaning services, is also actively recruiting. Previously, Hungary employed mostly neighboring nations’ workforce. However, the trend is shifting as the government introduces legislation to allow the hiring from third countries under distinct conditions. The country’s agricultural sector faces a particularly stark labor shortage, with some employers so desperate for help that they avoid reprimanding underperforming workers for fear they might leave. For context, seasonal employees from the northeastern region earn a daily pay of about 30 euros, but this rate can be higher in central and western Hungary. The nation’s minimum wage, now set at roughly 600 euros monthly, surpasses that of Romania and is implemented for all full-time roles, adjusting for part-time positions. 

Source: evz.ro

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