The Polish Monument Marking a UFO Landing

In 1978, a man from the village of Emilcin, Poland, made contact with beings from outer space. And it must be true because there's proof: a monument that says so!

Alien spacecraft is hovering over the trees
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On 10 May 1978, a farmer named Jan Wolski, who was living in the eastern Polish village of Emilcin, came across some aliens. He was just on his way home from a neighboring village when two creatures approached him. Their appearance struck him: they were very short with large heads and flat, black, slanted eyes, and they were dressed in black overalls not typical of the area or era.

Then, after riding his horse and cart for another few hundred meters toward Emilcin, Wolski saw a ship levitating a few meters above the ground. As he passed, another creature descended from the ship’s platform and invited the farmer inside. Farmer Wolski entered and stayed for a few minutes before they released him after making a few tests.

The Emilcin Roswell

That’s basically how the story goes, with all the usual conclusions. The villagers who knew Jan Wolski believed his story because he was considered honest. Further inspection of the place showed only a footprint in the grass, but a six-year-old from the village corroborated Wolski’s story.

Then the researchers came to Emilcin – at first, the police (called the Citizens’ Militia back then), then the UFO-logists. Their level of trust in the story varied wildly. Jan Wolski was examined by a psychiatrist (who determined that he was not lying), and the story took off to the world, which, naturally, provoked an outpouring of similar stories.
The tale led to a 1978 documentary on the abduction, a graphic story drawn by the influential designer Grzegorz Rosiński, and… a monument commemorating the event.

What’s funny is that the monument was erected only in 2005, when the case was already old news. Its form is futuristic, even alien: a cube balancing on one of its corners is a top of a pedestal bearing inscription that, without any doubt, claims the event as true.

UFO and the farmer

But is the truth out there? Silly question. There are those who believe and those who don’t, and the line between both is possibly as hard as it gets. If the whole case reminds you of the Barney and Betty Hill incident, possibly the first modern alien abduction in New Hampshire, USA, in 1961, you’re absolutely right.

In 2012 in a press report, the myth was debunked as a deliberate hoax by amateur UFO-logist Witold Wawrzonek, who supposedly hypnotized Jan Wolski to implant his false memories. Wawrzonek’s goal was, in turn, a plan to discredit paranormal phenomena researcher and sociologist Jan Blania, and he would even supposedly confess to the hoax, but he resigned after seeing the story gaining momentum.

But let’s consider the possibility that it’s the truth. If so, it’s possible that somewhere in the universe, there is an alien civilization that has its ideas of how humans look and behave based on the examination of a 1970s farmer from eastern Poland.

Przemysław Bociąga

is a Polish journalist and essayist based in Warsaw. An anthropologist and art historian by education, he specializes in combining cultural phenomena with compelling narrative. He has authored and co-authored several books covering lifestyle and history. The most recent of them is “Impeccable. The biography of masculine image”. He has contributed to many leading magazines, both in print and online, and teaches cultural anthropology to college students.

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