Rimac’s Nevera Time Attack: Dominating 2023 with Record-Breaking Runs 

Rimac Automobili's limited-edition Nevera Time Attack hypercar, restricted to just 12 units, has broken over 20 records in 2023, including a groundbreaking performance at the iconic Nürburgring circuit.


Rimac Automobili recently launched its exclusive Nevera Time Attack, a hypercar limited to 12 units, which has already smashed over 20 records in 2023 alone. On the legendary Nürburgring circuit, the Nevera achieved a groundbreaking time of 7:05:298 on August 18, beating the former EV record by a significant 20-second margin. In another variant of the track spanning 20.6 km, it posted a swift 7:00:928. This achievement was steered by Croatian driver Martin Kodrić, who navigated the circuit on Michelin Cup2R tires. 

Bugatti Rimac’s CTO, Emilio Scervo, acknowledged the car’s engineering marvel, marking yet another milestone for the Nevera. Earlier in 2023, during a stint at the Automotive Testing Papenburg, the car set an impressive 23 records in a single day, and later made waves at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

 As a tribute to its numerous accolades, Rimac is rolling out 12 special Nevera Time Attack versions, all of which have been claimed. The company’s CEO, Mate Rimac, lauded the Nevera for revolutionizing the hypercar domain with its consistent record-setting performances this year. 

Source: croatiaweek.com

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