Unprecedented Growth in Latvian Savings Bonds 

Latvian residents' investments in savings bonds have skyrocketed to 150 million euros.


The Ministry of Finance of Latvia has reported that citizens’ investments in savings bonds have surged to a total of 150 million euros. This is a significant increase from the start of the year when the figure stood at a mere 15 million euros, and has escalated beyond 100 million euros by the beginning of June. The savings bonds, underwritten by the Latvian State Treasury, are secure government securities offering a fixed rate of interest. These investments are fully safeguarded by the state, with no cap on the invested amount. Moreover, the interest accumulated on these bonds is not subject to taxation. Should the need arise, residents have the option to recoup the full principal investment ahead of the stipulated deadline. These bonds can be bought online round-the-clock and are available solely to individual buyers. The platform for purchasing these bonds is slated for an upgrade for improved accessibility on mobile devices. Furthermore, there are plans to diversify the terms available for these bonds and enhance the overall conditions for purchase. 

Source: nra.lv

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