The Romanian Startup Making Long-Distance EV Travel Easier

One Romanian start-up aims to charge your vehicle up to 80% in 10 minutes, making long distance travel possible, first in Romania and then throughout the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Alas, this Watto has nothing to do with trading or with the beloved inter-stellar Jedi. Romania’s Watto is a start-up that takes upon itself the ambitious task of allowing you, and every other electrical car user, the privilege to travel inter-city with ease and worry-free.

Watto plans to bring to the table a viable solution to the question posed by many electrical vehicle owners: how do I make long-distance travel more accessible? The answer is Watto, a network of fast charging stations designed especially for personal cars and commercial vehicles.

Watto: pursuit for high performance

From Romania, with love – and efficiency! Ever since its very first days, Watto has been in hot pursuit of high performance, smart technology, and innovative measures that would upgrade your driving experience to a level you’ve never known.

We believe they accomplished their mission. With the capacity to charge your vehicle to up to 80% in less than 10 minutes and with a promise to be the very first inter-city transit solution for electrical transportation, Watto brings to you what no other similar company was able to deliver: the reliability needed so you can enjoy your long ride haul, wherever that may be and however long it may be. And worry not, Watto is up for great things in Romania and abroad, with a special interest in Eastern Europe. This means that you and I will get to benefit from this ingenious start-up just as much.

By creating an ecosystem of stations powered by solar panels and green energy, Watto’s mission goes far beyond electric cars. It impacts the transportation industry and fights against polluting factors, all while embracing the concept of sustainability in all of its aspects.

Watto is for the planet. But it is also for the people. Stations all over the continent will be equipped with coffee shops, markets, car wash stations, play areas for kids, and lounge areas for adults so that you may finally take that trip to Warsaw and enjoy every bit of it, too, including the charging stops.

Watto is the solution to the problem, the urgency and true implications of which we are barely scratching the surface of. The need exists, but it will only continue to grow greater as we enter an era of electrical transportation. Watto provides the answer for the issues of today and those of tomorrow.

Naomi Gherman

Master student in Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations at Babeș-Bolyai University, eager to share more about our world's most fascinating stories and people. Romania-based reader, writer and content creator with a strong interest in journalism, foreign languages and politics.

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