Baltics Will Say “Bye” to Russian Power Grid in 2025 

Baltic states, including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, have reached a significant agreement to disconnect from the Russian-controlled by early 2025


The Baltic nations – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – have agreed to disconnect from the Russian power grid and synchronize their electricity grids with Western Europe by February 2025. The operators, Litgrid, AST, and Elering, have committed to the joint disconnection from the Russian-controlled BRELL system and connecting to the Continental European grid. They will complete the necessary work, including installing synchronous condensers and control systems, by the agreed-upon date. Other related projects will be implemented by the Baltic TSOs by 2025 or later. This synchronization was stipulated in a 2018 agreement with the European Commission. While Lithuania sought an earlier completion in the first half of 2024, Latvia and Estonia preferred the technically and economically feasible date of early 2025. 

Source: lrt.lt 

Jakub Warzecha

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