Bukovina Shepherd, the Romanian Household and Livestock Protector

This breed of dog, native to the historical region of Bukovina, is not only man’s best friend but sheep’s as well. But don’t let its friendly appearance fool you! It is sure to risk its life to protect you, your family, and everything in your pen.

A very close up of a Bucovina shepherd dog.
Bucovina shepherd dog. Photo: iStock.com / gabrielasauciuc

The Bukovina Shepherd is everything you could ever wish a dog would be: beautiful, friendly, and protective. With its robust and solid body and friendly, cheerful, and active personality, the Bukovina sheepdog perfectly adapts to the circumstances it most often finds itself in – assisting shepherds in guarding the sheep. Some believe that the dog has served this purpose ever since the time of the Dacians and the Romans, when guarding the herds and hunting were one of the most important tasks any canine creature could perform for their master.

The perfect companion

When looking at the fluffy and joyful Bukovina Shepherd, one may fail to understand how such happy-looking dog could have been entrusted for centuries with the safety of families and livestock. Do not be mistaken; this is precisely the particularity of the Bukovina Shepherd, making it the perfect dog to have in your yard. The breed has a powerful defense instinct, and although it does not manifest aggressive behavior, it is incredibly brave when faced with danger. His tall and imposing stature is sure to scare away any intruder who may wish to harm one’s herd. With a height that can reach close to one meter and a personality fully devoted to the master, this shepherd is not to be messed with.

Moreover, this breed of dog is not only ready to act under all circumstances but also very smart, which further helps the master when gathering the herd. Curious and friendly, the dog is not only the livestock’s protector but also the man’s companion. The “gentle giant,” as it is often nicknamed, the Bukovina Shepherd is a calm, loyal, and loving dog that behaves extremely well around children and toward familiar people. However, do not attempt to introduce it to other animals, be them as small as a mouse, as the breed is not programmed for friendly encounters with other species.

Nothing can stop this breed

Bukovina Shepherds have developed as utility dogs in the presence of some of the harshest factors and living conditions. Familiar with a secluded life inside cold mountainous regions, the dog developed a strong immune system and is not prone to any severe ailments, which, again, tailored it as the perfect herd dog.

Although the Bukovina Shepherd has been greatly appreciated in Romania for hundreds of years, its popularity is only rising. Its international recognition came only in 2019 when the species was officially recognized as indigenous to the Bukovina region of Romania. It is widely known that a dog is a man’s best companion, but for Romanian people, the Bukovina Shepherd is like no other.

Naomi Gherman

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