Eco-Investment Perspectives in the Baltic Region: Citadele Bank Survey Insights 

One in three Baltic investors prioritize green initiatives, but the majority remain indifferent to where their investments are directed.


According to a survey conducted by Citadele Bank in June, environmental considerations are significant for one in three investors. It shows 4% of respondents deem it essential, and 29% view it as fairly important that their investments fund sustainable initiatives. Yet, for 64%, it doesn’t matter if their investments are used for green projects. Economic constraints hinder 28% of those surveyed from making investments. Investment activity is highest in Harju and Tartu counties, but financial limitations restrict 20% and 26% respectively from investing. Shortage of funds is especially notable in Võru and Põlva counties with 42% and 44%, respectively, unable to invest. Valga and Tartu investors attach high importance to green investments, in contrast to Lääne county. In Latvia, lack of funds for investment affects 23% of respondents. 4% think it’s vital, and 38% see it as moderately important to back eco-friendly projects. However, 49% don’t find it necessary. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, financial constraints affect 24% of potential investors. 13% see it as crucial, 36% as fairly significant, and 39% see no importance in their investments going to eco-friendly ventures. The survey included 1,000 interviewees aged 18-74 from each Baltic nation. 

Source: majandus.postimees.ee

Jakub Warzecha

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