Eesti Energia Hits Shale Oil Production Peak in H1 2023 with 252,461 Tonnes 

The company attributes this achievement to the work of its chemists and engineers and the introduction of the new Enefit280 unit.


Estonian company Eesti Energia reported record shale oil production for H1 2023, producing 252,461 tonnes, a 20% increase Year-on-Year. This is attributed to the work of the company’s chemists and engineers, with the new Enefit280 unit producing 128,557 tonnes. According to CEO Andres Vainola, the production goals must be predictable and consistent, and lessons learned applied to the upcoming Enefit 280-2 plant, which has a strategic target of producing over 700,000 tonnes of shale oil. Amidst rising production, the company is also working on technology to reduce environmental impact, and plans to repurpose their liquid fuel products for use in the chemical industry. A contract has been signed with a Swedish tire recycling company, introducing used tires as a raw material for the Enefit plant. Eesti Energia aims to produce 470,000 tonnes of shale oil in 2023, beating the 2020 record of 452,000 tonnes. The Estonian shale oil industry anticipates a record year, with the overall production target exceeding 1,230,000 tonnes. 

Source: news.err.ee

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