Elektrilevi Commits €1 Billion to Estonia’s Power Upgrade

Elektrilevi announces a €1 billion upgrade for Estonia's power networks, with an additional €14 million dedicated to strengthening island infrastructures.


Elektrilevi is set to ramp up its spending on Estonia’s electricity infrastructure, earmarking €1 billion over the next half-decade. Aiming to bolster the weather resilience of power systems on Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, and Muhu islands, the state will allocate an extra €10 million. A past snowstorm in Saaremaa underscored the vulnerability of the existing power lines. Efforts are underway to update 160km of these lines, with €4 million invested in Saaremaa alone. Over the next couple of years, traditional cables in Saaremaa will transition to weather-resistant or subterranean versions. Localities like Valjala and Kihelkonna are on the fast track to get these upgrades. Post-storm evaluations have led Elektrilevi to prioritize areas with exposed lines. On the innovation front, Hiiumaa might see energy storage solutions for optimized consumption during peak times. Rasmus Armas from Elektrilevi highlighted their dual-strategy focusing on both consumption management and storage innovations. 

Source: news.err.ee 

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