Estonia Ramps Up Renewable Focus with Wind Turbine Expansion

Estonia is set to nearly double its wind energy output with upcoming additions to its current 150 turbines, aiming for a significant rise in renewable energy consumption by 2030.


Estonia’s renewable energy ambitions are set to soar as plans to install dozens of new wind turbines unfold. Currently housing 150 turbines, new projects will significantly boost this number. This year, Utilitas’ Saarde wind farm will introduce nine 230-meter-high turbines. With operating permits secured and three turbines already operational, the farm is expected to complete by the year’s end, generating 135 gigawatt-hours annually. By 2025, Enefit Green anticipates the launch of Estonia’s largest wind farm in Sopi-Tootsi, boasting 38 turbines and producing an estimated 680 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. Terje Talv, CEO of the Estonian Wind Power Association, underlined the significance of these developments in a recent interview with ERR. Reflecting on the country’s renewable trajectory, he highlighted how in 2020, just over a fifth of Estonia’s energy consumption stemmed from renewable sources. However, this figure is projected to nearly double within the next seven years. The Estonian Ministry of Climate predicts wind energy, in particular, to quadruple by 2030. 

These expansions signify Estonia’s robust drive to transition to cleaner energy sources, optimizing the vast potential of wind energy in the region. 

Source: news.err.ee 

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