Estonian Start-ups: 14% Salary Boost and Steady Growth

In Estonia's bustling start-up scene, salaries have surged 14%, reaching an average of 3,243 euros monthly, with the sector employing 9,927 individuals mid-year.


Estonian start-ups see employees earning an average of 3,243 euros monthly, almost double the national median, per Startup Estonia and Statistics Estonia data. This shows a 14% rise from last year. Despite fierce competition for top tech talent, some start-ups have downsized to reduce costs, but most laid-off workers swiftly find roles in other start-ups. International talents fill roles that locals can’t. Although hiring in start-ups has slowed, it remains positive, with 9,927 individuals employed mid-year, a 1% uptick from last year. Estonians in these start-ups earned an average of 3,163 euros, with foreigners earning 3,288 euros. Cyber tech start-ups had the highest earners at 4,230 euros monthly. The workforce is predominantly male and aged 21-40. Major employers include Wise, Bolt, and Swappie. The sector contributed 108 million euros in labor taxes during the first half-year, up 33%. Startup Estonia, backed by the European Regional Development Fund, supports Estonian start-up growth. 

Source: Arileht.delfi.ee

Jakub Warzecha

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