Estonia’s Innovative Solar Park Rises on Mining Waste in Ida-Virumaa

Enefit Green pioneers a shift to sustainable energy in Ida-Virumaa, constructing a unique 3-megawatt solar park atop mining waste rock.


Enefit Green has launched a pioneering project, building a near 3-megawatt solar park in the Estonia Mine industrial zone in Ida-Virumaa. Remarkably, the park is to be situated on a 27-meter-tall platform made from waste rock from oil shale mining. This innovative approach provides dual benefits: utilizing mining waste efficiently and ensuring the solar park remains unshaded due to the platform’s elevation. The project incorporates advanced technology, featuring double-sided solar panels. These panels will particularly thrive in this environment, as the light-hued rock surfaces beneath them will reflect additional sunlight, boosting energy production. This initiative aligns with Estonia’s dedication to sustainability. As the Estonia oil shale mine, operational since 1972, is anticipated to shut down in a decade or so, the aim is to repurpose this vast area, roughly the size of Tallinn, for green energy projects. This prevents it from becoming an ecological dead zone and exemplifies the circular economy approach. Andres Vainola, Enefit Power’s Chairman, views this project as a symbol of the energy industry’s metamorphosis. He emphasizes the firm’s mission to lessen reliance on oil shale and other non-renewables, moving towards greener energy. Slated to start producing energy in 2024, this venture is in sync with Estonia’s progressive vision as the iconic Estonia Mine approaches its closure. 

Source: news.err.ee

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