Estonia’s Tourism Boost: 19% Rise in Visits, €375M in Revenue 

In the latest quarter, Estonia witnessed a tourism boom, welcoming over 1.1 million foreign tourists and enjoying a revenue surge of an additional €62 million compared to last year.


In the recent quarter, Estonia saw a surge in tourism revenue, with foreign tourists spending 62 million euros more than the previous year, totaling 375 million euros. Estonia welcomed over 1.1 million foreign visitors, marking a 19% increase. On the flip side, Estonians undertook 820,000 overseas trips, which is a 16% rise, allocating 290 million euros, up by 46 million. The majority ventured to EU nations, with trips surging by 13%. Finland and Latvia remained top attractions. Outside the EU, Turkey’s popularity grew significantly, witnessing a 60% uptick since 2019. Although Estonians’ longer vacations increased by 16%, they shortened their average stay to 3.3 nights. Single-day visits went up by 12%. Most of Estonia’s tourists hailed from Finland. Overall, 83% were from the EU, showing a 22% increase from the previous year. Notably, the influx of Finnish tourists rose by 33%. Meanwhile, visitors from Latvia grew by 10%. When compared to 2019, Latvia’s multi-day visits surged by 13%, although they typically lasted just 3.1 nights. Furthermore, the prominence of one-day excursions grew, accounting for 41% of all trips, marking a yearly growth of one-fifth. 

Source: majandus.postimees.ee

Jakub Warzecha

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