NEoT and 3SIIF Join Forces to Speed Transition to Zero-Emissions

NEoT Capital and the Three Seas Investment Fund (3SIIF) have formed an alliance to remodel public and commercial transport in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Thanks to this partnership, it might just happen sooner than we think.

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We find ourselves on the cusp of a technological revolution in public transport, and the transition to zero-emission mobility in the CEE region appears not only feasible but also imminent. Surprisingly, this transition may be smoother and faster than anticipated. Recently, NEoT Capital (NEoT) and the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF) joined forces in a strategic partnership that promises to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission fleets in the CEE.

A strong commitment to a cleaner future

This collaboration brings together NEoT Green Mobility (NGM), a platform managed by NEoT – a leading financier of zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure since 2017, with 3SIIF – a dedicated commercial fund investing in the vital infrastructure sectors and projects within Central and Eastern Europe. Their initial focus centers on investing in zero-emission buses and related infrastructure, showcasing a strong commitment to a cleaner future. The benefits derived from such investments extend beyond the immediate positive environmental impact. They also lay a solid foundation for developing and expanding other fleet sectors, including municipal and delivery vehicles, effectively widening the scope of the clean energy transition.

The involvement of 3SIIF holds great significance as it underscores the importance of long-term commercial investments in EU CEE member states bordering the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas. By combining this with NGM’s established expertise in zero-emission vehicle financing and infrastructure, this partnership sets a dynamic precedent for achieving the objectives outlined in the EU’s Clean Vehicle Directive. Together, the partnership aims to implement a wide range of projects across the CEE region, offering support to bus operators as they transition to zero-emission mobility.

Taking an integrated approach

Their “mobility-as-a-service” solutions present a comprehensive financing and asset management package, encompassing buses, batteries, telematics, and charging infrastructure. This integrated approach simplifies and expedites the energy transition process for operators and local authorities, heralding a forthcoming technological revolution that serves the public’s needs. Moreover, the partnership strives to provide long-term funding solutions that ensure cost certainty throughout the vehicles’ entire lifespan. This initiative is complemented by contractual flexibility, allowing for technology upgrades that facilitate ongoing growth and evolution within the sector.

Philippe Ringenbach, CEO of NEoT, and Christian Roy, Investment Director at Amber Infrastructure, have expressed their enthusiasm and confidence in this alliance. The emphasis on sustainable public transportation and reducing air pollution aligns with the broader objectives of creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future. Thus, this strategic partnership presents a compelling vision of the imminent revolution in the CEE’s public transport system, highlighting a faster and more efficient transition to zero-emission mobility than previously believed.

We are on the verge of witnessing an unprecedented era of technological transformation that serves the people of the CEE region, with cleaner air, healthier cities, and a robust, sustainable future at its core.

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