Rising Opportunities for Estonia in the Chip Sector 

According to a recent Foresight Center report, Estonia could become a key player in the global chip sector by harnessing opportunities in chip design, verification, and security testing.


The Foresight Center’s recent report highlights that Estonian firms could play a significant role in chip design, verification, and security testing on a global scale. The worldwide chip and embedded systems market is predicted to double from €550 billion to €1 trillion by 2030, creating potential for Estonia in the realm of small-scale and batch chip manufacturing and specialized solutions. Although large-scale chip production plants in Estonia seem improbable given the hefty investments and associated risks, advancements in freeware chips might provide an uplift to Estonia’s position, as small businesses could feasibly manufacture these chips. Furthermore, the report suggests that Estonia could feasibly participate in producing specific components of innovative high-temperature semiconductor devices. As chip development becomes more complicated and labor-intensive, value creation is increasingly moving towards development companies. However, the report underscores that Estonia is unlikely to venture into producing embedded system components due to considerable investment demands and production risks. This report forms a part of the Foresight Center’s research into Estonia’s green transition scenarios, grounded on a study executed by CIVITTA Estonia. 

Source: news.err.ee

Jakub Warzecha

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