The Latvian Investment and Development Agency has secured Investments totalling 371.5 Million Euros

20 investment initiatives were greenlighted for this year, which are anticipated to generate 1160 jobs.


The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) has garnered investments of 371.5 million euros this year, supporting 20 projects expected to create 1160 jobs across diverse sectors. Ilze Indriksone, Economy Minister, highlighted the necessity of a business-friendly environment and strategic investment. An upcoming “Green Corridor” regulation aims to fast-track investment projects. Kaspars Rožkalns, LIAA director, cited a substantial investment program offering a capital discount for new ventures. Prominent projects include Italian firm “Marcegaglia” creating 300 jobs, and Swiss giant “Roche Services & Solutions” establishing a service center with 200 roles. Yet, challenges like unclear energy prices, foreign talent attraction, and banking policies remain. In 2022, LIAA-supported projects created 2398 jobs and drew investments of 473 million euros. 

Source: db.lv

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