Wage Increase in Estonia for Q2 2023, as Revealed by Statistics Estonia 

Estonia's Q2 2023 Wages Surge to €1,873 Mean and €1,524 Median, with ICT Sector at the Helm.


Estonia witnessed a significant boost in average wage rates during Q2 2023, based on the latest data from Statistics Estonia. Year-on-year, the mean gross monthly wage climbed by 12.4%, settling at €1,873. Meanwhile, the reported median gross monthly income was €1,524. Among sectors showing the steepest wage increments, education led the way with a 19% annual rise, while the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector saw an upturn of 15.4%. The ICT realm registered the top mean monthly earnings at €3,257, with the financial and insurance sector at €2,953, and the energy sector at €2,946, trailing closely behind. In contrast, sectors with the least wage figures included accommodation and food services (€1,178), other services (€1,191), and real estate (€1,268). 

Assessing median earnings, which demarcate the threshold where half of the workforce earns above and the rest below, the ICT domain emerged as the front-runner, garnering €2,768 monthly. This was closely followed by the financial and insurance sector at €2,450. On the lower end, the real estate sector recorded €867, while other service sectors reported €934. 

Source: news.err.ee

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