Planica: Where Ski Flying Was Born


In the Slovene Alps, there is a valley called Planica. Although incredibly beautiful, that isn’t what sets it apart from other alpine valleys. What makes it unique is a century-old tradition of ski flying, an extreme version of ski jumping, with much longer distances.

The Magic Castle in the Mountain Wall


Predjama Castle is a unique medieval castle in Slovenia that was built into a cave entrance in a mountain wall. Thanks to its position, it has never been truly conquered and impresses visitors and architects from all over the world. Its heritage includes a legend of a bad knight and his end.

Ita Rina: A Forgotten Movie Star


Ita Rina was a movie superstar in Europe in the 1930s, when she starred in many successful movies, the only Slovenian to make it that far. She was even offered work in Hollywood but turned it down to focus on her family. Today she is a forgotten yet legendary icon of that period in film history.

The Man Who Swam It All


Meet Martin Strel from Slovenia. He is a 67-year-old retired guitar teacher, he is overweight, he enjoys Cviček, a sort of wine from his native Lower Carniola region, a bit too much, and he might just be the most powerful athlete alive.