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The Three Seas is a significant socio-economic bloc of twelve EU countries straddling the area between the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. Together, the Three Seas countries are inhabited by 111 million Europeans (25% of the EU’s population) and are the fourth largest economic region in Europe (after Germany, the UK and France), contributing 14% of the EU’s gross domestic product (GDP).  

The study called Military potential of the 3 Seas countries against the backdrop of the Rest of EU-27 presents a collation of key military data on the Three Seas countries compared with Rest of EU-27 countries.

Military data covered in the study include the Power Index, manpower (as of 2022 and trends between 2015 and 2022), manpower per million inhabitants (as of 2022), defence expenditure (as of 2022 and trends between 2015 and 2022), defence expenditure (as of 2022) as % of the GDP as well as the 2022 inventory of fighter jets, tanks and rocket projectors.

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Where Is Bulgaria, Actually?


Over three decades after the fall of communism in 1989, Bulgaria seems to be at a crossroads, with four parliamentary elections in less than two years and forces pulling the country into opposite directions: West

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flags of 3 seas countries

Welcome to a completely subjective ranking of waterfalls beautifying the nature of the countries that make up the Three Seas. Who could have guessed that such pearls of nature, after all, associated mainly with exotic regions of the world, are hidden next to us. And here's a surprise! It turns out that right next to us are sights and landscapes that would not be ashamed of the Amazon, Colorado, and even volcanic islands of the Pacific. Small and large, lazily splashing and rushing in a bubbling cacophony, completely wild and regulated by human hand. The Three Seas Waterfalls. Enjoy a tour!

Mountain Shelter in Karkonosze in Poland

Our list opens with the famous Krimml Waterfall located in Austria in the High Taurian National Park. This waterfall is truly worthy of its name, the roar of the water falling from 380m is said to be heard from many hundreds of meters or even kilometers away. At the foot of the waterfall everything is bubbling, overflowing and sparkling with the colors of light split in the eternal water mist.

Valley in czech national park Giant mountain- Krkonose

In the Polish Karkonosze Mountains, not far from the famous and popular resort of Szklarska Poręba, which was still visited in the previous century, there is a humming sound among picturesque cliffs and rocky overhangs. This is the Kamieńczyk Waterfall.
It is formed by 3 cascades with a total height of 27 meters. The water falls into a 100-meter wide gorge of just 4 meters wide surrounded by vertical 30-meter walls.

Czech Republic
The Polish–Czech Friendship Trail is a tourist trail in Krkonose or Giant Mountains

On the other hand, in the Czech part of Karkonosze Mountains, quite close to the Kamieńczyk Waterfall, near the town of Harrachov, the Mumlava Waterfall is foaming furiously. It's not the largest Czech waterfall, measuring just over 9 meters high, but it makes up for it with its picturesque awesomeness and 6 meters deep so-called Devil's Eye.

The Cave under Predjama Castle

The Brankovsky Waterfall in Slovakia is 55 meters high and is the highest waterfall of the Low Tatras. It is characterized by the fact that it lets relatively little water through it, so it does not shock with the power of the element like other waterfalls. For this, in winter, at minus temperatures, it turns into an icefall!

The Cave under Predjama Castle

Peričnik is one of Slovenia's most famous waterfalls. It flows from a hanging valley in Triglav National Park into the glacial Vrata Valley. It is unusual because, the stream of falling water can be walked around! Which must be an interesting experience. In fact, there are two Peričnik Waterfalls: the Upper (16 meters high) and the Lower (52 meters high).

Bohinj Lake

Veliki slap, or the Great Waterfall in Croatia, is really big. It is a massive branching, multi-cascade waterfall measuring as much as 78 meters. It is located within the Plitvice Lakes National Park on the karst hills of central Croatia, where it is equally impressive to tourists.

Chapel of Marija Snežna on Velika Planina

Fátyol-vízesés Waterfall, also called a Veil or Veil Waterfall, it is a small but charming cascading waterfall and part of the Szalajka Stream in the Bükk hegység Mountains. The stream itself is also interesting, as it takes its origin from underground waters. It flows to the surface from a cave under the highest peak of the Bükk Mountains - Istallós-kő.

Horseback riding by the Bohinj lake

Marvel Cascades or Marvelės kaskados is not a waterfall, but a bridge over the Lithuanian Marvel River. Containing features of a waterfall. Built in 1881, it contains an interesting, and charming, structural solution, namely stairs, cascades, on which the murmuring water flows quite lazily. Apparently, in the spring when the ice lets go, the Marvel Cascades show their more brisk face.

Sun breaking through after a storm on an autumn afternoon over Jetrichovice

Ventas Rumba in Latvia, as local legend has it, was created after a wrestling match between two giants in ancient times. It is located on the Vindava River near the town of Kuldyga, which is picturesque in its own right. The waterfall, or waterfall threshold, measures.... About 2 meter shigh. It may be the one of the lowest waterfalls in Europe, but it is the widest: 250 meters is impressive.

Hikers on mountain

Estonia is a paradise for waterfalls and beautiful views enthusiasts. Jägala Waterfall is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia, also known as the Estonian Niagara. It's sort of like the famous American waterfall in miniature, measuring a whole 8 meters high and 50 meters wide. There are higher waterfalls in Estonia, but they are located at the mouths of man-made drainage ditches.

Bad Schandau in Bohemian Switzerland

Bulgaria's Krushuna Waterfalls are not one waterfall but their entire cascade series (travertine cascade) on the Proinovska River. They are considered one of the most picturesque natural phenomena in Bulgaria. The main waterfall measures 20 meters high and splits into several cascades surrounded by lush vegetation, forming numerous terraces and pools filled with warm water.

Trakai castle

It's time for the last item on our list - the one-of-a-kind Bigăr Waterfall in Romania, within the Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa National Park. Why is it unique? Well, the water directly from the rock spring pours out onto an 8-meter high mushroom-shaped rock axis. Interestingly, this rock is covered with moss, splitting the streams of water into dozens of directions and streams. This creates a water curtain effect.

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