Remnants of the Ice Age in Poland


Growing up in Poland, it was always fun to follow weather forecasts (*talking about the weather is not actually only a British thing). As kids, we kept a comparison score of whether it would be as cold where we were as it was in the northeasternmost Polish town of Suwałki.

All the Dearly Departed


Throughout millennia, humans have always paid respects to their dead and laid them to rest with elaborate burial styles. Gradually, these were replaced by rituals. Are you sure you know how they developed and what remains of them today?

How to Tame an Avalanche


Anyone who ever watched old-school cartoons must be familiar with the motif of a Saint Bernard dog with a little cask around its neck that saved victims of snowy atrocities with the cask's magical elixir. While it may seem funny, it’s based in truth.

Making a Big Impression, Literally

The surface of the Earth is peppered with impressions made by outer-space visitors. But by “impressions,” we mean craters, and by visitors, we aren’t talking aliens – we’re talking about meteorites. So where can you find these spots in Central Europe?

Is There a Doctor in the House?


Doesn’t it seem that whenever you get sick, there never are any appointments available? Doctor.One, a Polish start-up, developed a unique solution to this problem. So much so that it is heavily invested in, and its future is painted in bright colors.

Central European Flags

Ever wondered who came up with the colors and patterns on national flags? Is there even any purpose to them? Well, not just a purpose but a whole lot of history. Let us tell you about the flags of the Three Seas States.

Where is Central Europe?

That, my friend, is an excellent question. Everyone seems to know where Western Europe is. And everyone seems to be an expert on calling everything else the East. But hey! What happened to the Center?

Poland Looks Best From a Kayak


Bendy, lazy rivers; picturesque landscapes; wildlife; and charming bonfire evenings are just some of the things one may experience when they go kayaking in Poland. Indeed, it’s an immensely popular way of spending your summer holidays - for good reason.

Did Winnetou Live in Croatia?


When German author Karl May wrote his most famous story of Winnetou he must have been thinking of the wild, North American landscapes with their waterfalls and the Rocky Mountains. But why go so far when you can travel to Croatia - where the movies were filmed?