The Undiscovered Three Seas


The future of the Three Seas depends not only on the implementation of key infrastructure projects but also on the widespread popularization of the concept itself. However, more than five years have passed since its launch, and its objectives are still not widely known. Why is this?

Ending the Reliance on Russian Gas 

The prime ministers of all three Baltic States declared they had stopped buying Russian gas. This happened just as Gazprom halted deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria. Are other countries in the region ready to end their reliance on Russian supplies?

Baltic Power Emerges


In 2024, a two-year construction project for a Polish wind farm in the Baltic Sea will begin, comprising 70 turbines, which will generate over 1 GW of power. Located 22 km offshore, these new turbines will generate more power than a recently-commissioned Danish farm with 72 turbines.