The Bulgarian Nurse Who Made History in the Skies


During the First Balkan War in 1912, a 15-year-old Bulgarian volunteer nurse became the first woman in the world to participate in a combat flight. Despite enormous risks and a lack of training, Rayna Kasabova threw propaganda leaflets over Edirne, in today’s Turkey, making history along the way.

Ita Rina: A Forgotten Movie Star


Ita Rina was a movie superstar in Europe in the 1930s, when she starred in many successful movies, the only Slovenian to make it that far. She was even offered work in Hollywood but turned it down to focus on her family. Today she is a forgotten yet legendary icon of that period in film history.

The Man Who Swam It All


Meet Martin Strel from Slovenia. He is a 67-year-old retired guitar teacher, he is overweight, he enjoys Cviček, a sort of wine from his native Lower Carniola region, a bit too much, and he might just be the most powerful athlete alive.

Gogea Mitu, the Romanian Goliath


Gogea Mitu was Romania’s tallest sportsman and the world’s tallest boxer. With a promising future in front of him, Mitu was just about to make his debut in the United States when he tragically – and mysteriously - died. What really happened to the “Romanian Goliath”?

The Story of Peter Petroff and the First Digital Watch


A NASA engineer and inventor who developed heart-monitoring equipment and originated the first-ever digital wristwatch. These are just some of the accomplishments used to describe Bulgarian inventor Petar Petroff. But, before becoming one of the twentieth century's most productive inventors, Petroff led an eventful and adventurous life that few know about.